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San Diego Alcohol Rehab Centers provides people that suffer from alcohol or drug addictions with a completely free, complementary service to match them with one of the various addiction treatment centers in our wide-reaching network of addiction treatment centers. We are professional addiction treatment advisors which means that we have a finger on the pulse of the addiction treatment industry. This gives us access to a variety of resources in the addiction treatment community as well as a vast knowledge of trends in the addiction treatment process.

With this vast knowledge, expertise, and experience, the advisors working on behalf of drug and alcohol addicts for San Diego Alcohol Rehab Centers are able to match those individuals with the best possible addiction treatment centers for them and their needs.

When you opt to use our services, you will speak directly with one of our knowledgeable and resourceful addiction treatment advisors who will work diligently on your behalf to find you the best possible addiction treatment center to pair you with.

The addiction treatment centers that are found in our nationwide network are staffed only with the most caring and compassionate therapists and support staff that can get you on the road to a full addiction recovery and a life of sobriety and substance abuse abstinence.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in San Diego

San Diego Alcohol Rehab Centers Can Help

Whether you are looking for a drug rehab in San Diego or an alcohol rehab in San Diego, we can help you find the right rehab center for you and your recovery needs. However, you may be wondering what contacting an addiction treatment advisor will actually entail.

When you call in, you will be connected to an addiction rehab advisor immediately. This is true no matter what time of day you call and no matter what day of the week it is. Once you are on the phone with them, your advisor will walk you through the initial patient assessment process.

They will ask you a series of easy questions about yourself, your addiction, and your finances and insurance coverage to get a better idea of what you want and need in an addiction treatment center. Once this assessment is complete, they will delve into our network of addiction treatment centers to find you the right option for you.

If you have a preference for where the center is located, such as wanting to stick close to home in San Diego, we can make sure that happens for you. To get all of these services, all you need to do is make one phone call, the only phone call that really matters.

What Is Addiction?

An addiction is a condition that is characterized by an uncontrollable need and craving for substance abuse. It is a disease that involves an imbalance in the chemistry of the person's brain and because of that, they do not have the ability to stop themselves from abusing drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is much like a cancerous disease that eats away at a person's life. However, rather than just being a physical disease, it is a mental, emotional, and social one. Some of the many effects that an addiction can have on a person's life include:

•   Being admitted to a psychiatric ward

•   Incarceration for many years at a time

•   Organ damage and failure

•   Loss of relationships with family and friends

•   Loss of jobs and income

•   Stroke or heart attack

Of course, these are only a few of the issues caused in a person's life by addiction. The worst consequence, of course, is the possibility of having a fatal drug overdose. In fact, such a fatal consequence is inevitable if something is not done to prevent it.

The first step of preventing such an ending is, of course, reaching out for help. And San Diego Alcohol Rehab Centers is that lifeline you can reach out to and get the help and care that you need. All you need to do is make that one phone call that can improve your life and keep you from making a fatal mistake. Call (877) 804-1531 as soon as possible.

With the help of one of our addiction treatment advisors affiliated San Diego Alcohol Rehab Centers, people suffering from addictions from any and all walks of life can get the help they need to achieve sobriety and keep their sobriety for the rest of their life.

Upcoming San Diego AA & NA Meetings:

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AA Gifts O f Grace Fri, 7:00 PM San Diego 2111 Camino Del Rio S San Diego, CA 92108, San Diego, CA 92108
NA Second Chance Wed, 6:30 PM Recovery Is Life Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation 6145 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92114
AA Midnite Howlers Sun, 12:00 AM Lestats West Room 3343 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116
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